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The River of Time. by Tom Chapman


The days of life too quickly pass
Time like a river flows
Rotations around the sun they say
And as we age it shows!

Sometimes we raft with others
Sometimes we're far from home,
Sometimes we fear the waterfall
Which we must cross alone.

Who are you time? You thief of life!
And what is your big purpose?
This raft we ride through rapids still
And often it's no circus!

I want to know don't tease me now
You source that seems no end,
Answer me and state your case
I refuse to just pretend!

I refuse to say I do not know
How you are moving me,
Faster and faster towards the falls
Where It will be eternity.

With bellies full and laughter high
Or when our mouth is filled with song,
I ride these waves around each turn
Faster and faster I move along.

Curious about everything
And no rock left unturned,
Some things I will remember
Things That I have learned.

So don't be even a little bored
As there's no time to burn,
Is that the falls in front of me
Or Just another turn?